Isabelle lives on the wild and beautiful south coast of Western Australia, and the different wools she uses come from herds of alpaca and sheep from the surrounding countryside and from her own angora goats. Each piece is unique and aims at translating in an original art work the feelings she experiences from the astonishingly dynamic and powerful nature in this region.
Using fleece collected from sheep, alpaca and angora goat, she paints with each strand just as she would on a canvas in conventional art. The difference is that the pigments are naturally supplied by living animals. Coming from the silky fine fleeces, the creative process and finished work is very tactile and sensuous. Her aim is to try keeping the vitality, depth, freedom and character of the animals as well as an untainted natural beauty and apparent fragility.
China or porcelain painting never leaves my mind either. The ever changing curves, smooth and lustrous, inspire me constantly. All the impressions of the natural world in my bush and farm surroundings come back in these sensual, caressing brush strokes the porcelain allows. Such a joy!